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Clinical Counselor/ Therapist (Carlsbad, CA)

 Qualified counselors who practice outside San Diego North County with existing and suitable office space to have      group and private sessions with patients are offered affiliate practice status to serve Club-ABLE members.

Jamie Herrera

Jamie Herrera

Business Development Director
MA International Public Policy, ACAC

​​Jamie Herrera has been an advocate for human rights for much of her life. It wasn't until she 
lived in Mexico after obtaining a Bachelors in Diplomacy and World Affairs from Occidental
College in Los Angeles CA that she saw and experienced explicit dismissal of people with 
disabilities such as herself as invalid human beings, meant to be isolated and hidden away.
As the Operations and Public Relations Manager at Divertigranja, and educational zoological 
farm in Oaxaca, Mexico, Jamie addressed these issues by developing programs that 
brought local youth with and without disabilities together during field trips and summer 
camp programs, and actively engaged with state political officials for better implementation of 
accessibility laws and policies, 

Jamie returned to the themes of disparities in disability policy implementation when pursuing a Masters degree at UC San Diego, during which she interned with the IS State Department Closed Captioning Initiative in the Office of e-Diplomacy, and interned in partnership with the International Disability Alliance at the Unites Nations office in Geneva, Switzerland, With a strong background in networking and liaising between nonprofit, government, and for-profit sectors, Jamie takes Club ABLE's mission of empowerment through its members seriously, and engages with potential partnerships wherever they may be found, to continually expand Club ABLE's service network.


Dina Reh
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Millions of physically disabled people suffer because they don’t have the most basic care available to them. Let us help you change that.

We have a simple mission: empower people with disabilities to maintain their independence and enhance their lives through customized services and support.

Through our expansive membership network, Club-ABLE demonstrates to businesses across multiple industries that people with disabilities are not an invisible demographic and are a veritable target market worth pursuing. By providing services at a lower rate to Club ABLE members, businesses benefit from the added recognition as a preferred inclusive business.

Physical disability comes in many forms, at varied ages, and to every demographic. Club ABLE seeks to unify individuals facing barriers to independence to keep businesses accountable to their customers and provide fair pricing and more inclusive business models.


​Dina J. Reh

Chief Operating Officer

MA Counseling

Dina J. Reh is originally from Toronto, Canada. She has lived in North San Diego County since

1991. After receiving her Bachelors in Sociology at the University of California San Diego. she

went on to pursue and received her Masters in 2013 with an emphasis in Clinical Mental Health

Counseling at the University of San Diego, pursuing a sub-specialty in trauma, sexual abuse,

domestic violence, disability and sex trafficking.

With a background in non-profit work, disability, advocacy rights, social justice, AIDS awareness prevention and poverty as well as anti-trafficking campaigns in South Africa, Dina has both challenged her local community here in San Diego and internationally. She has inspired and challenged local communities, schools, and churches. In doing so, she has become a pivotal speaker on the important issues of today's culture. She has been a keynote speaker for Easter Seals, Arthritis Foundation, community outreach programs, and has appeared on local news channels. She wholeheartedly believes that everyone has the potential to live their lives differently and impact this world.  Dina has battled many challenges throughout her 40 years of disability and continues to pursue her desires to reach higher goals, Dina’s ability to overcome many struggles as a wheelchair bound individual has led her to stand on a strong and unique platform as an advocate for victims of human trafficking, disability, and abuse. 

George P. Reh

A successful businessman with experience in healthcare and business start ups, George 
joins daughter Dina Reh in organizing and launching Club-ABLE.. George is a retired 
DuPont executive with over 25 years of corporate management experience. As a corporate 
development director in Healthcare and Bio-technology, George was responsible for 
searching out new business opportunities for the DuPont corporation. He had through his 25 
year career with DuPont Canada managed among others the diagnostic imaging businesses 
and the clinical diagnostic business of the corporation. After retiring from DuPont, he assisted 
several small start-up enterprises in the diagnostic and medical imaging fields. Mr. Reh is an
entrepreneur with a successful track record. He currently is General Manager of the family 
business started by his wife Josephina Reh called Dutch Touch, Inc, in business for 18 years 
and providing services such as house-keeping,  handyman services, and landscaping. 

George Reh



Founded: 2015

Owner: Dina J. Reh


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